“If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.” – Harold Kushner

Sometimes it is hard or challenging to see the good in a situation… that’s part of being human. It we can be so much different when re cognize that life is a mirror and people and circumstances show up for a reason. It’s all about learning more about ourselves and growing.

Celebrating your growth and willingness to see the lessons, get the learnings and move forward.

Moments of Gratitude

Sharing the powerful and profound teachings, rituals and processes of Debbie Ford. May they live on and that we have the opportunity to continue to share them.

A Gratitude Ritual
by Debbie Ford

The beautiful gifts of gratitude begin at home
so today invite a healing to happen
in your own body
in your own consciousness
in your own loving heart
that feels blessed to be alive

Notice all the riches you’ve been given
the feet that allow you to stand
the legs that allow you to walk
the stomach that allows you to eat
the lungs that allow you to breathe
the throat that allows you to speak
the mouth that allows you to taste
the nose that allows you to smell
the eyes that allow you to see
and your beating heart
that allows you to love
Honor them all

Become present to the treasures of your life
the opportunities that you have been given
the ones that have effortlessly opened up for you this year
Reflect on your family, your kids, your partner, your friends
Look through appreciative eyes
the eyes of what’s right
the eyes of the divine
Give thanks in a way that you never have before

Allow fear, doubt, struggle and pain
to melt away in the presence of this all-loving appreciation
Thank God that you have a consciousness
that is able to shift and transform in just a moment
Thank God that you are courageous enough
to take a moment to bless yourself
to bless the universe
to bless all those who love and guide you
and then to bless all of the world

Send your tears of love and gratitude
to those who are in pain
to those who are alone
to those who are confused
Allow the heavenly vibration of gratitude
to puncture their fearful illusions
and open up their hearts to what is truly divine

Today, take this vow of deep self-love and gratitude
knowing that when you are in the presence of this kind of love
you – as well as all of those around you – will flourish

Take five slow deep breaths, breathing in love, appreciation, gratitude and joy
Know that you are never alone and you will never be alone
We are all here surrounding you with love.

Gratitude Candle


Although I do not post very often, I have been so touched with “gratitude” in these past few weeks that felt inspired to write.  Many things have shifted and changed in my life over the past few months. At this moment I am deeply grateful for all the experiences and events I have been a part of or that have touched me in some way:

My son and daughter-in-law’s amazing wedding (in August 2012). In his speech, my son thanked him for teaching him about “forgiveness.” We never really know what our children pick up from us.
Successfully moving my 80 year old mother to a smaller home after living in the other one for almost 25 years.
So very grateful for all the help we had to move mum: my children and daughter-in-laws, close friends and the movers. There was a lot of work…yet we created special memories together through the laughter and the tears.
Grateful that Mum has wonderful new neighbours who have looked out for her after snowfalls to clear her walkways.
My son and daughter-in-law for continuing to be such amazing new parents.
Playing with my little granddaughter and watching her grow and change… I love it!!!
My daughter’s success in writing her first book! To see her confident and strong, touching the lives of so many people!!! Also for her inspiration, love and encouragement.
For having unexpected magic appear in my life which reawakened such joy, excitement and more. To share with another in a way I have never experienced before. To just be in the present moment…and share in that magic and joy. To bask and share the energy created. To feel such unexplainable connection with another person.
For learning many things about myself that needed to be released and transformed to become a yet better, more loving and aware version of myself.

For moments that helped me to learn to stayed grounded in faith, trust and my intuition.

Love is the Way to Walk in Gratitude

Blessings to you… we all have things we are grateful for.
Enjoy the video….I have.


♥ There are times in life when we get a little more reflective on who we are, how we show up in life, what’s showing up for us and those we love. It’s a good thing…. I’m consciously appreciating all the blessings and good in my life today. It’s all about gratitude! ♥

♥ At this moment, I’m grateful for:

  • my family (Mum, children, daughter-in-laws, granddaughter)
  • my dear friends (Donna, Gabe, Liza, Suzanne, Chuck, Ian, Frank)
  • having a place to live in
  • my cat, Ebony
  • a car that gets me to work and around from place to place
  • a comfortable bed to sleep in
  • the love of a special someone
  • meeting new people
  • learning about SoulCollage® and becoming a facilitator
  • those who help me in my physical care (Carolyn, Jason, Ashley, Kelly)
  • being out in nature
  • feeling a breeze on my face
  • being open-minded

One of the most powerful energies we can experience is the effects of gratitude. Feeling deep appreciation and gratitude for anything actually changes how you feel and your own energy.
Gratitude shifts and transforms what we are experiencing. It can turn what we have into enough, and more. It can  turn judgment into acceptance, conflict into understanding, despair into hope…and more. It can turn a regular meal into a feast, living space into a place we call home, a stanger into a friend.
Remember to begin each day of your life with gratitude. Speak words such as, “Thank you, God, for life, for my body, for my family and loved ones, for this day, and for the opportunity to be of service. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” or use your own. And when the day is one, reflect and affirm or write in a gratitude journal the things  you are grateful for from your day.

gratitude, appreciation

 There is SO very much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving…

✿ My brand new granddaughter.
✿ My son and daughter-in-law for being such amazing new parents and sharing with me.
✿ My daughter for her inspiration, support, love and encouragement.
✿ My youngest son for his commitment and drive to reach his goals.

✿ My mother for her continued love and support.
✿ Family and friends who enrich my life….you being one of them!!!
✿ Cannnot forget my cat, Ebony. She’s a lifesaver.

And… my appreciation for all the wonderful people I interact with by email and on FB.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I HAve A Grateful Heart

There is no doubt that expressing gratitude is so important. There are countless blessings in our lives that we tend to overlook or even take for granted. It’s often when they are threatened or gone that we re-evaluate and realize the gift.  Enjoy this clip.


Please feel free 3-4 things that you are really grateful for at this time.

When you’re grateful for the things you have, no matter how small they may be, you will receive more of those things. If you’re grateful for the money you have, however little, you will receive more money. If you’re grateful for a relationship, even if it’s not perfect, the relationship will get better. If you’re grateful for the job that you have, even if it’s not your dream job, you will receive better opportunities in your work. Because gratitude is the great multiplier of life!

Gratitude begins with two simple words – thank you – but you have to feel grateful with all your heart. The more you start to say thank you, the more you will feel it, and the more love you will give.

There are 3 ways to use the power of gratitude in your life, everyone of them is giving love:

1. Be grateful for everything you have received in your life (past).
2. Be grateful for everything you are receiving in your life (present).
3. Be grateful for what you want in your life, as though you have received it (future).

If you’re not grateful for what you’ve received, and what you’re receiving, you’re not giving love, and you don’t have the power to change any of your current circumstances.

–  Rhonda Byrne “The Power”

Everyday is a blessing, and in each moment there are many things that we can be thankful and grateful for. Life opens up to us when we live in a space of gratitude. In essence, gratitude has the effect of tossing a pebble in a pond. When we are thankful and express our appreciation with gratitude, the universe glows a bit brighter and showers us with even more blessings.

Gratitude is often lacking in our world today. People are so wrapped up in their own lives that they forget to appreciate what others have done for them. Gratitude is a character trait that we should try to develop and nurture in our children and in each other. It’s quite simple to thank others for their support, thoughtfulness,  helpfulness and caring.

Have you done things for others and have them go unappreciated or even unnoticed? As grounded as we may be spiritually, emotionally and or mentally, repeatedly feeling unappreciated can affect our sense of self. We all thrive and do better when we experience being appreciated, our well-being is uplifted. A little appreciation and gratitude can improve moods, situations, relationships and outcomes.

When we are  blessed by others in surprising and unexpected ways, there are a number of ways to show our appreciation and gratitude. Simply saying, “thank you” is a great start. Writing thank you notes is another traditional way of expressing gratitude and nice to do when you have received a gift.  It’s also thoughtful to do when someone has gone out of their wat to do something special for you.

When we let others know through our words or actions that we truly appreciate them, it uplifts them and causes a ripple effect of gratitude. It’s a good practice to acknowledge the ways that your family, friends and co-workers are been good to you in supportive and thoughtful ways.

Imagine what the our families, friendships and places of employment would be like if we showed more appreciation and gratitude. So how will you extend and show more gratitude and appreciation to others this upcoming week…..

With many blessings to you and yours,